Simplify your tasks with us


PLANNER CONSULTING has 17 years of experience in the business development of several suppliers of lumbers, veneers, plywoods and logs.   

we have been investigating and travelling to north Africa and middle east. 

we prefer to deal with suppliers or customers that we know in person or      the ones who have good refrences. The world is small, we will meet.

we gathered background and experience that help professionals save their time, efforts and money.  Consult us to give you updated results that you struggle for

Just tell us what you are looking for in particular and relax.


PLANNER CONSUTLING is your modern tool if you want :

  1. To plan, coordinate & organize your purchase.
  2. To represent you abroad. 
  3. To find particular building material product.
  4. To get a list of importers.
  5. To obtain a list of suppliers.
  6. To get a database with emails.
  7. To find real estate investments...

Please feel free to contact us.